Summer supper under 10 bucks!

After a few weeks of chillier summer weather for California, we were back up to the low 80s today. Which unfortunately made my plan for cabbage soup tonight a no-go. Well, as luck would have it, I picked up a bunch of tomatoes this past week at the local farmer’s market.

One of my favorite go-to recipes this summer has been a modification of Martha Stewart’s Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce. (Surprise, I found it on Pinterest!) I love that it’s super light and refreshing, really quick to make, and approved by my Italian husband–which means it must be good! Here’s my version of it, which offers a just-as-yummy modification for our son’s allergies and for our personal taste. Enjoy!

The only modifications I made to make this allergy-free were substituting a quinoa and corn blend spaghetti for wheat spaghetti, and nutritional yeast for Parmesan cheese. I also added red onions, just because. Dinner total: under 10 bucks!

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