Quick coffee makeover

If you’re one of the 83 percent of Americans who drink coffee, you might want to take a closer look at what you’re drinking in the morning. Or throughout the day in many cases. (I’m guilty myself!)

In honor of International Coffee Day, I thought I’d share some quick and easy switches that can make your cup of Joe better for you and your health. Especially if you’re going to be drinking it anyway, you caffeine addict, you.

What’s in your morning cup of Joe?

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Southwest Quinoa ¡Olé!

Even with fall quickly approaching, I’m not concerned. Temperatures in the San Francisco Bay Area are still hitting the 80s (don’t hate!), so I’m carrying on as if summer was in full swing. One of my new favorite recipes–and one I’ve made nearly every week this summer–is Southwest Quinoa. It’s got a bunch of yummy “Southwest” ingredients that give the overall dish both interest and loads of flavor. It’s also a great make-ahead lunch idea, since it can be eaten straight out of the fridge. No microwaving necessary!

Southwest Quinoa recipe. Great for taking to school or work! #cleaneating

Quinoa is an amazing food–and believe it or not, it’s a vegetable, not a grain! It’s also protein-rich and fiber-filled, so it makes you feel full, but not I-ate-a-burger-for-lunch full.

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Why I’ve gone mad

To the average outsider, I’ve gone crazy.

I’ve thrown out most of the food items in our pantry, [properly] disposed of all household chemicals, and *gasp* chucked a large portion of the makeup I had been hoarding in the bathroom. I obsess over food labels and ingredient lists, and watch food documentaries like they’re going out of style. News over bee deaths and GMOs in our food make me shake my fist in the air in dismay.

So what has possessed me? Let’s go back a few years.


Our new family in 2009.

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